Fence Restoration Project

For the last few years, the JWCG Association has been working towards restoring the 140 year old fence that was installed in 1875 which borders the property and Rte. 173. One section that was unable to be repaired has been replaced. Currently the Association is raising funds to replace the pillars attached to the fence. The fence is an integral part of the beauty of the cemetery. It delineates the resting place of our loved ones from the hustle and bustle of traffic passing by. Few cemeteries have such a beautiful fence, along antique gates and a brick chapel. Bequests to the fund can be made by individuals who are interested in supporting this project. Please contact Gregory Titus, Treasurer, 4105 Apulia Road, Jamesville, NY 13078.

In our goal to fight “the dilapidation of time”, our by-laws state that “Let it be, that the fact the cemetery is name after the Hamlet of Jamesville, future generations residing there, and all who are interested by stronger ties, will prove worthy of the trust and confidence placed in them and their pride in the cemetery will be shown by its excellent care and condition at all times”.