Cemetery Bequests

The statute under which Jamesville Walnut Grove Cemetery Association is organized, authorizes the Trustees to take and hold property, real or personal, bequeathed or given upon trust, to apply the income thereof under the direction of the Trustees for the improvement or embellishment of the Cemetery or the erection or preservation of any buildings, structures, fences or walks in or upon the lots of any of the proprietors or for the erection, repair, preservation or renewal of any tomb, monument or other structure in or around any Cemetery lot or for planting and cultivation of trees, shrubs, flowers or plants in or around such lot or for improving or embellishing the Cemetery or any of its lots therein in the manner prescribed by the terms of such grant or bequest.

As a guide to those wishing to avail themselves of the provisions referred to, the form of a bequest is below.  To this important subject the Trustees invite the attention of the lot owners.

No pains or expense in the outset, no solidity of material or thoroughness of workmanship can avoid tendencies to deformity and decay.  Executions are seldom placed so firmly as to defy forever the powerful forces which are continually at work to weaken and destroy them.  Everyone knows that they cannot be always on the spot to watch the progress of decay.  It cannot be assumed, that those who come after will do what those before them may have failed to accomplish.

To guard against the dilapidation of time, and to assure that one’s own place of final repose should ever be decent and respectable, is the reason a bequest may be made.  The income from money donated will be expressly applied to the special object designated by the proprietor.

_________________________________________________________________ I give and bequeath to Jamesville Walnut Grove Cemetery Association of Jamesville, Onondaga County, State of New York, and their successors the sum of ____dollars (or other property, real or personal, describing it) upon trust, however, to apply the income arising therefrom; under the  direction of the Trustees to the general care of my grave/lot, in said Cemetery, and the repair, preservation or renewal of structures now or hereafter erected thereon, so far as the judicious expenditure of such income if any be applied to the improvement of the said Cemetery grounds.