Election of Officers, Meetings of Trustees, etc.

ANNUAL MEETINGS-  In October of each year a day is appointed for the Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees, and the Election of Officers,  The Secretary will post the hour and place of the meeting in three places in the Hamlet of Jamesville at least two weeks before the meeting is held.  All Trustees and Officers of the corporation must be of full age and an owner of a grave or lot.  A lot contains at least sixty square feet of land in the cemetery.

VOTERS-  Each owner of full age, and an owner of a grave may cast one vote at meetings of the corporation.  If there be two or three more owners of a grave, then one of them must be designated as the voter.

OFFICERS-  The Officers of the corporation are:


-Calls meetings when deemed necessary

-Presides at all meetings of the Board, and regulates meetings

-Appoints all committees, unless otherwise directed by the Board

-Sees that all rules and regulations relating to the Cemetery, and to its officers, agents and employees are faithfully observed

-Signs all deeds issued by the Association


Presides at Board Meetings when the President is absent.  (If the Vice-President is also absent, the Trustees shall elect a chairperson to conduct the meeting.)


-Shall keep minutes of the Board

-Record Accounts, deeds and documents of every kind

-Collect, deposit, invest all money and pay all bills

-Shall at each meeting render a full report of the finances of the corporation

-Sign all deeds issued by the Association

AUDITOR-   Duties:

-Shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer within a month after the Annual Meeting


The Executive Committee consists of the Board President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and another Trustee selected by the President


-To make important decisions, which need to be attended to concerning the Cemetery, which do not require Full Board attention



-Cut grass when it reaches approximately 4″ high

-Trim around all monuments when needed

-Remove broken tree limbs

-Arrange for preparation of grave site and clean up after burial, remove excess material, level site and plant grass

-If a monument is disturbed for any reason it must be replaced in original position and condition

-Keep Chapel clean and orderly

-Notify responsible trustee when water tank needs filling, drain during winter months

-Do minor repairs to fences and roads whenever possible, report bad condition to cemetery secretary

-Open road to chapel for funerals, etc.

-Arrange for maintenance of equipment, mowers, etc.  Purchase of equipment is responsibility of cemetery committee

-Assist in sale of lots and show lots available, keep maps and records up to date; report to secretary

-In summary it is  his responsibility that the cemetery be kept neat and present a good appearance to the public

-Sign and return burial permits to Secretary immediately after burial.  A plot plan should be made of every burial and purchase of lot


Addendum:  a merit increase depends upon the  successful completion of  the attached duties.

Monument companies are to put in all foundations under supervision of the superintendent according to specifications furnished by the cemetery board.